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  • Ancient Aliens? A Troubling “Documentary” Series

    Last night, my brother-in-law Mark and I watched the first half of the first episode of the new “Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel. It’s an expansion of the documentary that came out a little while ago. Not being a scientist, as my friend George P. can attest, I watched the program solely with […]

  • Seeing a Familiar Protestant Painting Reminds Me That I Did not Completely “Reject” My Religious Upbringing

    <disclaimer> This post will be a little more emotional and personal than what I usually post. Also, since this is a reflection, I will not be providing extensive citations. It’s kind of a tribute. Perhaps I will convert this in to a proper essay, after I’ve had time to let it sink in.</disclaimer> Some people […]

  • The Easter Bunny *Is* Welcome!

    Dear Mr. Easter Bunny, Contrary to what you’ve been told, just because I converted to the Orthodox Church some years ago, you have not been banished from our holiday celebration. In fact, you are welcome to come over on the joyous day. We can’t let you in for the service (animals, except for cats, are […]