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  • Priests Have Feelings, Too

    In a previous article, “Phone Calls That Never Lead to Visits,” I addressed the phenomenon of people contacting a priest to discuss visiting the parish, and then never showing up, and how this can be draining on priests.  In that article, I discussed how I had taken an approach to limit the length of the […]

  • Saint Cosmas the Aetolian: A Patron of Domestic Missionary Work

    When we hear the word “missionary,” we often think of one being sent to preach in a far-away land.  Certainly, Christianity has a rich history of such people being sent away from the comforts of their homeland in order to work for the salvation of others.  However, there is an equally great need, especially in […]

  • Mission Burnout

    When we read the book of Acts, it is easy to become enthusiastic for missions. The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost led to the Apostles going out and converting 3000 people in one day (Acts 2:41). The saying, “with God, all things are possible!” comes to mind, and we set out to convert […]

  • A Silly Video That Demonstrates How Orthodox Are Perceived

    Every year around this time, as the joy of Pascha is still fresh in my mind, my thoughts return to an old YouTube video.  Back in 2006, I was new to YouTube, as were a lot of people. The novelty factor was still strong; it was fun to see what kinds of silly or stupid […]

  • Phone Calls That Never Lead to Visits

    I’m at my secular job, focused on some computer-related task, and the phone rings. “Father Anastasios?” asks the caller, somewhat unsure how to pronounce my name. “Yes, how can I help you?” “I have some questions about the Orthodox Church.” This is how many conversations have begun in the past few years since I became […]

  • Racially Segregated Churches

    One thing I’ve noticed about Christian life here in North Carolina is that many, if not most, of the Protestant Churches in the area are still racially segregated.  In contrast, most of the Roman Catholic Churches in the area are racially diverse (Masses in foreign languages do technically divide people up, but all are still […]

  • Vision for a Monastery in Eastern Carolina

    Here on the Eastern Carolina Orthodox blog, I’ve laid out a general vision for our work in the Eastern Carolina region, and I have begun to produce posts about local communities in the region where we pray that one day Orthodox Christianity will take root.  With this post, I’d like to highlight another aspect of […]

  • Rocky Mount Needs an Orthodox Church

    Rocky Mount, North Carolina is a town of over 60,000 people straddling Nash and Edgecomb Counties in North Carolina’s Eastern region.  The surrounding region has upwards of 150,000 people.  The city has a growing arts community, several post-secondary institutions such as North Carolina Wesleyan College and Edgecombe Community College, and Nash General Hospital, opened in […]

  • Greenville Holy Week and Pascha Reflection

    Blog readers are encouraged to read this reflection on Holy Friday and Pascha at Nativity of the Holy Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Greenville, North Carolina written by Fr. Anastasios’s godson, who came in to worship with us for this holiest of times. Related posts: Holy Week and Pascha in North Carolina Holy Week in […]

  • Mapping Out a Mission Plan

    When it comes to missionary work, is there a certain tension between trusting in God’s providence (Luke 10:4), and planning ahead (cf. Acts 15:36, 20:13)?  If there is, it can only be attributed to our fallen human nature, where our own will is constantly trying to supplant God’s; among those who have grown in holiness, […]