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  1. Hello fellow Findlay Ohioan, I am on a quest to fine the truth! I grew up Catholic, joined the Army and went to every church. I was baptisted a Mormon in 1996, and have been inactive then active through the years! Until about 4 years ago where my family and I have been 100% active members partispating in everything ! We have hit a spiritual wall! I have attended St Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church in Fayetteville NC Near where we live it was great and inviting! Can you recommend any readings or references for me and my wife? I feel I am on the right path now, fund the Orthodox Church!
    Thank You!
    Bill Ankney

  2. To be authentically Orthodox, one must be true to the Teachings and Goal of The Gospel; but, never so fanatic as to exclude others who may vary from us. We all seek the Truth of Holy Orthodoxy through Our Lord Jesus
    christ. We can never bring the Faith to others if we are in constant battle formation. Lord have mercy. 1st John 1:3.

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