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  • Happy Thanksgiving to All

    I think most secular holidays are artificial attempts at reintroducing seasonal meaning into the calendar after our Protestant forefathers destroyed the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, which had adequate celebrations throughout the year to help sanctify the time, but Thanksgiving* is an eminently beautiful and even Christian holiday, and I have always enjoyed it, especially because […]

  • The Traditional Orthodox Church and Its Hierarchy in the Western Hemisphere

    (Note: a Spanish Translation Is in Progress) Introduction Knowledge of the Orthodox Christian faith is growing in Latin America; there is an increasing number of clergy, parishes, and monastic institutions, and more and more materials are being published in Spanish and Portuguese, as well. This is a cause for rejoicing, as more and more people […]

  • War on Christmas?

    On my Facebook news feed, I see a lot of posts about the so-called “War on Christmas.” However, something just doesn’t sit right with me when I read these types of posts… For one thing, the “Christmas Season” starts earlier and earlier each year (for shopping purposes). So, I guess the real war is on […]

  • Infrequent Posting

    Friends, I’ve been working on several website projects in the evening, and as a result, have had little time to write. However, writing is my passion and something I want to do regularly, even if I am stretched thin with other obligations. For this reason, I am planning to set a schedule of one post […]

  • Reflection on the Latest ISIS Murder

    For whatever reason, I decided to watch the ISIS murder[1] video of the Jordanian pilot by burning after hearing about it on the news today. ISIS has propaganda down well. Here are some thoughts: The video was well-produced, slick, and I can see how the target demographic could be swayed by such (disgruntled youth lacking […]

  • As 2014 Comes to a Close

    (Originally posted on my personal Facebook page). 2014 was what a year is: some good, some bad. Some success, some failure. A few steps forward, and some back. Certainly not as hard for me personally as 2012 and 2013, when everything in my world changed drastically. But certainly not easy, as some years were. All […]

  • Thoughts on Halloween

    I don’t celebrate Halloween, out of obedience to my bishop and because my conscience does not permit me to engage in anything that makes light of the dark powers (which, when I was involved with occultic things as a teenager, I witnessed with my own eyes). That being said, a few points: 1) A lot […]

  • I’m Sorry, but I Hate Fall

    I’ve always hated Fall. Autumn. The changing of leaf colors. The cold breeze. The way the sunlight seems to cast down upon us differently. Longer hours of darkness. Wet rain. Back to school. Hardly anything interesting on the church calendar. The stupid “holiday” of Halloween. The death of my best friend Roberto (+11/19/2008). Sweaters, long […]

  • Excerpt from Upcoming Book on Metropolitan Petros

    My book, Metropolitan Petros: A Microcosm of the Old Calendar Church in America will be released as an ebook and in print-on-demand format this week, God-willing. I am putting together the final edits and formatting to meet the various publishers’ requirements. In the meantime, here is an excerpt of the work, the Preface to the […]

  • Out of Commission Until July

    Dear Readers, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am working on an important certification for my technical career, and as such, I have not been posting lately. I envision returning to active posting in the beginning of July. I have a lot of ideas churning in my head and […]