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  • A Church Building Catch-22

    In November 2006, my wife, her brother, and I began to pray the Service of the Typica on Sundays, as we embarked on our journey to establish an Old Calendar Orthodox Christian mission parish in Raleigh, North Carolina. For the first year, we were often alone, only being joined a few times by others. Eventually, […]

  • Our Vision for Raleigh

    Saint Mark the Evangelist Orthodox Church is: A Church which is faithful to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ A Church which is part of the Orthodox Christian Church, which is the original Christian Church A small mission community meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina A missionary-oriented Church which in turn plants other Churches throughout […]

  • An Instance of Baptist Harassment

    Last Sunday, my wife and I met up for lunch with a priest friend and his family who were visiting from out of town. We went to an Indian restaurant in Cary, North Carolina, since it was close to where our friends were staying. They have three children, and so there were seven of us […]

  • Letter to Kmart About Being Open on Thanksgiving

    Dear Kmart, I believe that your store provides products at a reasonable price, and that this benefits many people in my community. You kept the Raleigh, NC Capital Boulevard store open even when that area was depressed, which provided jobs for local people, and the ability of locals to benefit from your low-priced goods. As […]

  • Holy Week in Our North Carolina Missions

    Whenever I visit our parishes, or speak to fellow Orthodox Christians, the topic of the missionary work we are doing in North Carolina always generates interest. I have previously written two articles concerning our missionary endeavors in North Carolina, “Our Missions in North Carolina” and “Our One Year Anniversary,” but for some time I have […]

  • Trusting in God

    A few days ago, my dog developed an itch and it became apparent that she needed to go to the veterinarian for treatment. It’s a recurring problem, completely minor, which takes less than a minute to alleviate. For my dog, however, it’s a traumatic experience on two counts; the first is that she hates traveling […]

  • The Orthodox Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

    St. Mark the Evangelist Orthodox Church was founded in 2006 to serve traditional Orthodox Christians in Raleigh, North Carolina. Anyone familiar with the Raleigh area, or who has performed an internet search for Orthodox Churches in Raleigh, knows that there are other parishes in the area, which are well-established and active. Some might therefore question […]

  • How Do Orthodox View Non-Orthodox Religious Phenomena?

    For some coming to Orthodox Christianity, the conversion is a jolting experience where the difference between one’s former way of life and the Orthodox way of life becomes suddenly clear and is a stark contrast. For such converts, and for many people who were born into Orthodoxy and have never been anything else, Orthodoxy is […]

  • If Orthodoxy Is True, Why Have I Never Heard of It?

    As was explained in the previous article, What is the Orthodox Church, the Orthodox Church believes itself to be the original and true Church of Jesus Christ. Orthodoxy is not large nor is it well-known in the West, however, which often makes people wonder why they have not heard of this Church before. Much of […]

  • A Reading List for Academically-Inclined Inquirers

    One of the most common questions from those looking into the Orthodox Church is, “what do I read?” While English-language resources for understanding Orthodox Christianity have thankfully increased greatly over the past forty years, they are not all of even quality. Most have a slant of one type or another, and oftentimes there are errors […]