Category: Traditional Orthodoxy

  • Just One More Step…

    For many people, converting to the Orthodox Christian Church is a tough process. Whether coming from a secular background and having to deal with basic questions of faith, or coming from a Western Christian background and having to give up previous ways of thinking and familiar hymns and practices, the transition is often difficult. Add […]

  • My Joy Over the Recent Church Union

    This week, traditional Orthodox Christians rejoiced as a 30-year division ended; the Synod in Resistance united with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece. This union is something I had prayed for and hoped would happen, but the many obstacles to it made me think that it would only be a dream. I […]

  • New Calendarism, Vaganteism, and the True Orthodox Church

    In the last century, a new heresy permeated the Orthodox world, the heresy of ecumenism.  This umbrella term encompasses several related problems that have been eating away at Orthodox life for more than eighty years.  For the purposes of this article, we will use ecumenism as an umbrella term to refer to the problems of […]

  • Old vs. New Calendar: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  I’m Greek Orthodox but I’ve never heard of the “Old Calendar.”  Could you please explain what this means? A.  All Orthodox in the world used the Julian Calendar, which is currently thirteen days behind our modern civil calendar, until March 1924.  At that time, the bishops of the Church in Greece unilaterally converted their […]