Category: Seminary

  • The Relationship Between Sickness and Sin

    The question before us today is the nature of the relationship between sickness and sin in the Orthodox understanding. The Holy Bible is the first place we will turn in order to understand this relationship. The Orthodox Church also has a service, which is understood to be a sacrament, called Unction. This service includes many […]

  • Authority in the Early Church and the Modern Church of Greece

    The following reflection was a seminary paper I did for my Introduction to the Canonical Tradition class, where we were to reflect on a paper┬áby Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens (of the New Calendarist State Church of Greece) about the role of the primate in that Local Church, comparing it to what the canons themselves teach […]

  • Canons Are Not Arbitrary Rules

    The following is a seminary mini-essay I wrote in the form of a letter for an assignment; it is not an actual piece of correspondence. The goal is to elucidate the nature of the canons. In this case, a man was denied ordination because of an impediment (certain sins bar a man from being ordained […]