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  • Do I Have to Be Greek to Attend a Greek Orthodox Church?

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  • Phone Calls That Never Lead to Visits

    I’m at my secular job, focused on some computer-related task, and the phone rings. “Father Anastasios?” asks the caller, somewhat unsure how to pronounce my name. “Yes, how can I help you?” “I have some questions about the Orthodox Church.” This is how many conversations have begun in the past few years since I became […]

  • Racially Segregated Churches

    One thing I’ve noticed about Christian life here in North Carolina is that many, if not most, of the Protestant Churches in the area are still racially segregated.  In contrast, most of the Roman Catholic Churches in the area are racially diverse (Masses in foreign languages do technically divide people up, but all are still […]

  • Mapping Out a Mission Plan

    When it comes to missionary work, is there a certain tension between trusting in God’s providence (Luke 10:4), and planning ahead (cf. Acts 15:36, 20:13)?  If there is, it can only be attributed to our fallen human nature, where our own will is constantly trying to supplant God’s; among those who have grown in holiness, […]

  • Christ Is Risen!

    We’d like to wish all residents of Eastern North Carolina a blessed Pascha (Easter) with the traditional Orthodox greeting, “Christ is Risen!”  The response is, “Truly He is Risen!”  This greeting will be used from now until Ascension Thursday, which is the 40th day after Pascha. At the Easter service in Greenville at Holy Theotokos […]

  • How We Founded an Orthodox Church in Greenville, NC

    Nativity of the Holy Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Greenville, North Carolina held its first services on Saturday, September 7/20, 2008: Vespers for our patronal feastday, the birthday of the Virgin Mary.  But how did it all come together? Back in March of 2008, the Tourlitis family found Anastasios Hudson via the Metropolis of America’s […]

  • Orthodox Mission Work in Eastern Carolina

    Our first mission plant in the region is Nativity of the Holy Theotokos, a Greek Orthodox Church in Greenville, North Carolina.  Currently, the mission is growing steadily and we hope to attain full parish status in a few years.  Members and regular visitors come from all over Eastern Carolina to attend worship: Greenville, Blounts Creek, […]