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  • Can Americans Really Be at Home in the Orthodox Church?

    From the time I first became aware of Eastern Christianity via the Byzantine Catholic Church, and especially after the culmination of my search for the Truth led me and my wife to be baptized in the Orthodox Church, I have had a desire to spread the ancient Christian faith and to share everything I have […]

  • Developing Future Church Leaders

    In January, my godson Andrew moved to Raleigh to help us in our missionary efforts here in North Carolina. We met about eight years ago online, when he was still in high school and had just developed an interest in the Orthodox Christian faith. Eventually, he embraced the faith, and when he was baptized in […]

  • A Nice Column of Churches!

    View Larger Map I am always looking at statistics and maps as I plan out and pray about our mission strategy. Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Goldsboro, North Carolina are about the same distance apart, and we’ve recently had some interest from Mt. Olive, so I thought to add that to the map as well. The […]

  • Orthodox Church in Pittsboro, NC

    Last year, my family and I visited Pittsboro, North Carolina. We went shopping in their downtown area, and also drove around the area where Jordan Lake is (not being terribly outdoorsy people, though, we did not go on the Lake). I know two families that live in the area surrounding Pittsboro, and after my visit, […]

  • Wake Forest Needs an Orthodox Church

    Wake Forest, North Carolina is a fast-growing suburb of Raleigh, the state capital. The population in 2009 was estimated to be 27,915, up from 12,588 at the 2000 census. Wake Forest has a family-friendly atmosphere, a reputation as a safe place to live, and offers many opportunities for recreation and shopping, with a mixture of […]

  • Mission Is for All Christians

    Today, I saw an interesting Tweet (Twitter message) shared by a friend: The great commission wasn’t given to a missions organization, it was given to the Church. This is a great quote, and one which I wanted to share with my readers, most of whom are Orthodox Christians. Our context may be different than the […]

  • Orthodox Church, Goldsboro, NC

    Chances are, you’re finding this page because you searched for Orthodox Churches in or near Goldsboro, North Carolina.  I’ve created this blog post with you in mind! The closest Orthodox Church to Goldsboro, NC is currently the Nativity of the Holy Theotokos Orthodox Church in Greenville, NC, which is about 50 miles from the center […]

  • Saint Cosmas the Aetolian: A Patron of Domestic Missionary Work

    When we hear the word “missionary,” we often think of one being sent to preach in a far-away land.  Certainly, Christianity has a rich history of such people being sent away from the comforts of their homeland in order to work for the salvation of others.  However, there is an equally great need, especially in […]

  • Mission Burnout

    When we read the book of Acts, it is easy to become enthusiastic for missions. The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost led to the Apostles going out and converting 3000 people in one day (Acts 2:41). The saying, “with God, all things are possible!” comes to mind, and we set out to convert […]

  • Phone Calls That Never Lead to Visits

    I’m at my secular job, focused on some computer-related task, and the phone rings. “Father Anastasios?” asks the caller, somewhat unsure how to pronounce my name. “Yes, how can I help you?” “I have some questions about the Orthodox Church.” This is how many conversations have begun in the past few years since I became […]