Tag: Priestly Ministry

  • Oops, Wrong Number!

    Today I was doing some chores around the house when the phone rang. It was my Google Voice account alerting me that someone was trying to reach me. For those who don’t know what Google Voice is, it allows you to have one number which can ring to all your phones, has voicemail, and call […]

  • Mission Is for All Christians

    Today, I saw an interesting Tweet (Twitter message) shared by a friend: The great commission wasn’t given to a missions organization, it was given to the Church. This is a great quote, and one which I wanted to share with my readers, most of whom are Orthodox Christians. Our context may be different than the […]

  • Priests Have Feelings, Too

    In a previous article, “Phone Calls That Never Lead to Visits,” I addressed the phenomenon of people contacting a priest to discuss visiting the parish, and then never showing up, and how this can be draining on priests.  In that article, I discussed how I had taken an approach to limit the length of the […]