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  • A Friend With Corn Allergies Raises Awareness

    I’d like to direct my readers to a YouTube channel my friend Sharon just started concerning her journey through life struggling with a corn allergy. While that might not immediately seem like the kind of thing for me to post on my website, I have noticed that a lot of traditionalist Orthodox Christians are interested […]

  • What You Should Realize When Your Dog Dies Young

    On Monday, our dog Peluche started acting strange, became lethargic, got glassy eyes, layed down, and died. He was a small dog, and only 10 years old, which means for a small dog, he was probably too young to die. My first dog, by comparison, lived to be 17 years old, which is ancient by […]

  • An Example of the Type of Phone Calls Priests Get

    When I served as an Orthodox priest, I often got strange phone calls, which was rather similar to the situation when I worked at a law firm in my early 20s. People love to call up priests and lawyers randomly to get advice. I was going through some old Facebook posts and found this post […]

  • The Purpose and Goals of My Writing

    I’ve enjoyed writing since I was little, and I have written for a variety of reasons. Writing is an interactive process for me; I am as excited to see the reaction to and engagement with what I produce as I am to produce it in the first place. Sometimes I write for personal reasons, such […]

  • Just One More Step…

    For many people, converting to the Orthodox Christian Church is a tough process. Whether coming from a secular background and having to deal with basic questions of faith, or coming from a Western Christian background and having to give up previous ways of thinking and familiar hymns and practices, the transition is often difficult. Add […]

  • Holy Saturday: the Forgotten Day of Holy Week in the West

    Holy Saturday is a day that is under-emphasized in the Christian West. I am not suggesting that traditional Western Christianity does not have references to what we commemorate today, but rather that in the popular imagination and experience, it is not realized. As a child in the Lutheran Church, we always went to Church on […]

  • Jesus Is Not Always Nice

    During Holy Week, we are preparing for Pascha (Easter), the glorious Resurrection. We celebrated the joy of Palm Sunday, when the Lord came to Jerusalem in glory, and we look forward to Christ rising from the dead. For those of us who don’t attend Church frequently or read the Bible with any regularity, it’s easy […]

  • TOC Author V. Moss Shocks World by Approving of Church Union

    Disclaimer: The following is a work of satire. My goal is not to make fun of the individual in question, but to illustrate a serious problem which his writings convey: sectarianism. While he certainly makes valid points here and there, the spirit of his essays overall is divisive and I believe counter-productive to the True […]

  • My Joy Over the Recent Church Union

    This week, traditional Orthodox Christians rejoiced as a 30-year division ended; the Synod in Resistance united with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece. This union is something I had prayed for and hoped would happen, but the many obstacles to it made me think that it would only be a dream. I […]

  • Concerning the Lack of Posting

    Dear Readers, Since I haven’t posted anything new since May 2013, I wanted to take a moment to give you an update. I absolutely love writing, but there have been some other priorities that I have had to take care of that prevented me from producing anything new. I’m now living in Reston, Virginia, having […]