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Welcome to the Blog

by Anastasios Hudson on July 14th, 2011

I’d like to welcome you to Triangle Orthodox, a new blog that has been established to highlight our efforts to spread traditional Orthodox Christianity in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Why another blog from me, Fr. Anastasios?   I live and work a secular job in the Raleigh area, and pastor St. Mark the Evangelist Orthodox Church here, as well as Nativity of the Holy Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Greenville, North Carolina, alternating back and forth.  I recently set up the Eastern Carolina Orthodox blog, which highlights the work we are doing in Eastern Carolina, and have enjoyed sharing some of our experiences and thoughts on mission there.  However,  I’m finding that as I explore opportunities to witness Christ and His Church in my home area, I’d like to have a place to jot down thoughts and experiences specific to the Triangle.  I considered adding a blog tab to St. Mark’s parish website, but I’ve found that people don’t always read the blog on a parish website, and I also intend to share things that deal with the region as a whole, and towns outside of Raleigh, where Orthodoxy needs to be established.  Hence, it seemed good to establish this blog.

I greet you all in Christ, and if you should have any questions related to our Church and our work, feel free to use the comments section, or send me an email at!

In Christ,

Father Anastasios Hudson

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